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Dry outdoor living spaces under a waterproof deck

DecTec ensures you have a dry outdoor living space! 

New Media Tech in Deck Waterproofing 


DecTec waterproofing solutions are beautiful, low maintenance and have long warranties.

Dec tec can be used not only for Decks, but balconies, walkways and a variety of other exterior applications. The designs are hand-crafted by pattern artisans.  There are several choices for the Natural looks. Kwila, Ivory Travertien, Oxidized Oak and Southern Oak, so you can have the natural look you want with none of the maintenance issues of natural wood. 

The Cool Step line of products is perfect for warm sunny days. There are several choices this line as well, Cool Step, Cool Step Copper, Cool Step Sandalwood and Cool Step Slate.

Enjoy a Dry Outdoor Living Space Under Your Waterproofed Deck!

Ever want to sit in your outside living area on a rainy day but can’t seem to keep dry? Well, now you can keep yourself dry while sitting outside under your waterproof deck and watching TV, having a drink, or hanging out with friends & family. Our waterproof decks ensure you won’t get wet during the rainy and stormy days. Call Basement Waterproofing One today to get a new outside waterproof deck installed above your living space!

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