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When water finds its way into the basement of a structure, the owner needs to remove it because it could lead to mold infestation and weaken the basement foundation walls. One way of removing this water is to install a French Drain or Pressure Relief System. When the water is collected in the French Drain it empties into a sump well. The sump well contains a submersible pump, known as a “Sump Pump”, to remove the water from the sump well. The submersible pump has a mechanism to trigger the pump to start when the sump well fills with water. After the water has been expelled from the sump well the pump automatically shuts itself off. The discharged water is funneled through a piping system to the outside and away from the structure.

Today there are certain restrictions on sump pump installations. In years gone by the discharged water could have been drained into the sewer system but today that is illegal in many parts of the country because it can overwhelm the community sanitation system. Fines can be imposed on violators. Another restriction is that sump pumps must be connected to a separate circuit break in the main electrical box.

These sump pumps come in many sizes to accommodate the amount of water it may have to deal with. In our experience the Zoeller one third horsepower is more than adequate for most applications. It is a good reliable pump that will last for many years of service. There is also a “pedestal” design that mounts the motor above the waterline. It was designed for ease of service and will last for many years. The submersible pump does not last as long as the pedestal pump but will not clog easily and is more of a heavy-duty type pump

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A third type of sump pump is called a “batter back up” system. This system consists of a 12 volt powered pump motor that works off of a standard 12 volt battery. Through a charging system, the battery is under a constant trickle charge. If there is a power outage and the main pump fails, the water can still be pumped out of the sump well by the 12 volt battery back up system. The battery can last up to 8 hours. In areas of the country with frequent power outages and outages lasting for many days, a fourth type of pump can be used. It is called a “Sump Jet”. The sump jet is powered by the homes fresh water supply. There are no wires or electrical hook ups. This unit can be used as a primary pump or in conjunction with another primary pump system. It takes one gallon of water to pump out two gallons of sump water. One must keep in mind that there could be a problem with all that water that is being pumped out into the yard.


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